About us

FLS – Research Support is a contract research organization that performs clinical trials with human medicinal products, research with medical devices, post-authorization studies, and observational studies.

Our core mission is to provide full support to investigators who request our services. We can adapt to the specific needs of several different types of study. Our hands on approach enables us to work closely with our clients and become part of their projects from inception to completion.


During the pre-study phase, we share our expertise by working side-by-side with the researcher.


The follow-up phase comprises a series of tasks that are essential for optimal performance of the study: monitoring and promoting recruitment, organizing meetings with researchers, monitoring visits, sample transport management and investigational product management.


The relevant ethics committee and other bodies (e.g., Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices and Autonomous Communities) are notified of the completion of the study according to the legal requirements of each type of study. Close-out visits are scheduled, and the final report is written.

And more…

Our services include data management, statistics support, clinical pharmacology, phase I clinical trials a nd translation

Our History

FLS – Research Support was started in 2001 at the HIV Unit of Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital. The growth of our independent research activity led us to create a support structure to speed up the increasingly demanding procedures and requirements of the health authorities.

Although we began monitoring HIV trials, our range of services has expanded to cover fields as diverse as neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, hemodynamics, and pharmacology. To date, “FLS- Research Support” has managed more than 50 clinical trials, although we have also managed clinical investigations with medical devices, as well as observational and post-authorization studies.

Our true value lies in the quality of our team, which is comprised of research specialists with specific training and vast experience in clinical trial design and monitoring and by highly qualified biostatisticians. We can offer also support to all other aspects needed by investigators including research nurses, facilities to perform trials…

Because we are also investigators we can easily work with biomedical researchers.

FLS – Research Support is unique in that we are adaptable, work closely with investigators, and use the same language as our clients, thus facilitating communication and enhancing the end result of our collaborations.

Full support to investigators

If you have a good research idea, we help you to bring up it to the reality.